PRX International is your trusted partner for your international trade and investment needs!

At PRX International, we are committed to providing customers with optimum-quality overseas investment consulting services. Along with the expertise of our workers, you also get to benefit from modern techniques that help you achieve consistent results. PRX International works across all sectors of economic promotion in order to empower clients to receive professional consultant service at budget-friendly market costs and secure tangible economic benefits based on global best practices.

Our highly experienced team of investment consultants advises on strategies and policies and provides excellent operational support. We actively work with ministries, governments, local and regional/provincial authorities, special economic zones, and most importantly, investment and trade agencies to come up with competitive performance standards, operations, strategies, and policies to help our clients optimize overseas investment procedures.

PRX International strives to deliver the most efficient and smoothest approach to its clients’ investment projects. Whether you are a foreign investor or a domestic company looking for legal services, we have got you covered!

We can assist you with our full range of business and legal services or through our targeted support and guidance in certain areas of the investment process. We also draft, review, and negotiate terms of transaction documents on behalf of our clients and keep track of the entire process in order to protect you from any possible pitfalls!

Why Hire PRX International for Your Overseas Investment Needs?
PRX International works in partnership with various agencies that recruit promoting trade and international investment. This allows clients to extend their capacity and reach in global markets. Along with direct representation, we also support your business development efforts.
With PRX International, you get to benefit from:
Recommendations from consultants with extensive experience in spanning several government agencies across the globe
A perfect combination of practical and strategic support
Affordable, reliable, and accessible investment consulting capabilities
Creation of associated and strategic business plans
Competitive positioning and benchmarking

Services We Have to Offer
At PRX International, our team of professional investment consultants is dedicated to helping you
achieve your financial objectives by optimization of resources and utilization of the services we have to
offer. Our overseas investment consulting services include:
Foreign representative offices
Advising on regulatory issues
Negotiating all necessary documents
Fulfilling license requirements
Transactional structuring
Strategic consulting
Operational consulting
Learning programs on investment and trade promotion

PRX International constructs international campaign strategies of premium quality and help clients set measurable and achievable objectives around investment projects that they can realistically attract. We work with individuals and businesses to help them optimize their marketing initiatives and pitch those opportunities to foreign buyers.

Beyond policy and strategic advice, PRX International provides comprehensive implementation and capacity-building support. Our highly-experienced consultants know how to make clients translate their recommendations into action. For pragmatic solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, and that can help you improve and sustain business performance, contact us today!

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