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PRX International – Your Customs Experts
With the ever-evolving nature of the import/export industry, it can become quite complex for businesses to navigate a wide range of rules, regulations, policies, and paperwork simply to transport their products across borders. Non-compliance and errors in the process can result in hefty penalties and unnecessary delays. More importantly, it can have a major impact on your brand reputation!

While our aim is providing import/export consultation, we also offer other value-added services to support and assist our esteemed customers. One of these services includes customs brokerage consultancy. We offer extensive, knowledgeable, and professional guidance for your import and export practices. While using our consultancy services, all you need to do is sit back and relax while we handle all the complicated tasks involved.

When you partner with PRX International, you receive optimized customer service from our team of experts that are fluent in global and trade management logistics, customs clearance and can effectively take care of all your customs needs. At PRX International, our team is dedicated to getting to know you and your trade business. We strive to strategize, optimize, and help businesses finally implement the best international logistics solutions possible.

Global Consultancy
PRX International assists importers and exporters every step of the way with all daunting requirements associated with customs clearance; be it in Russia, Turkey, Europe, Middle East countries, or CIS countries – we have got you covered! We offer assistance in obtaining import licenses, obtaining NTN numbers, sales tax registration, and much more. You can also utilize our extensive knowledge to determine the ideal weights, dimensions, and size of your goods. This will help you select the appropriate container size or shipment type and eventually carry out the entire process more

Highly-Experienced Staff
PRX International collaborates with hundreds of warehouses, freight forwarding
organizations, and shipping lines worldwide to come up with the most reliable and
economic solutions for you. Our professional staff remains up to date on new customs tariffs, import manifestos, legislations, rebate claims, withholding taxes, income tax, value-added tax, federal excise duties, electronic filing, and much more!

A One-Stop Solution for Importers
PRX International is a one-stop solution for all your customs clearance, importing, and exporting consultation needs. Like any other consultation experts in the market, our highly-trained agents are highly focused on fulfilling their customs responsibilities to help customers avoid any unnecessary delays and unwanted examinations during the shipping process. We deliver customized services to importing clients and offer them the best solutions possible.

Why Hire PRX International?

  • Identify your exposure to risks involved with import and export practices
  •  Reduce hefty customs penalties and fines
  •  Make your supply chain process more efficient
  •  Minimize expensive border delays
  •  Optimize cross-border activities
  •  Stay current with customs policies and regulations

    PRX International is here to guide you through the constantly advancing, fast-paced world of global trade. Whether you are a startup business or a well-established one, our highly experienced trade compliance experts can assist you today.

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