PRX International

Established in 2008, PRX International is a Foreign Trade Consultancy Company that has been providing consultancy solutions in the United Kingdom since 2019. We offer our services to export- related NGOs and contracted independent firms and governmental organisations in many countries. Specialising in business development and improvement, we help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) belonging to various industries to bring down their expenses, manage their resources right, and deliver the results in a timely way.

The PRX Edge
Instead of just giving consultancy and advice, we offer highly customised, result-oriented business development training, with clear-cut costs and timelines.

Our mission is to support your business so that it can develop and grow in the most optimal way and gain a high market profile. Our key to success is that we ensure that everyone who has the ability to contribute to the development of the business can use their skills to make the business grow.

Over the years, our solutions have experienced immense growth, reaching an extensive network of over 12,500 companies in more than 120 countries. We have a team of 400 worldwide agents who work for PRX International.

We are also:
✓ A member of the British Exporter Association
✓ A gold supplier for the NHS Supply Chain
✓ Partner with the Department of International Trade

Our milestones include but are not limited to:
✓ Export Operations Volume: > 85 Million GBP
✓ Import Operations Volume: > 55 Million GBP
✓ Number of International Investment Project: 14
✓ International Investment Project Volume : > 100 Million GBP
PRX International is not a commissioner company. We do not charge our clients additional fees in the forms of premiums, bonuses, and profitable partnerships.

PRX International Services
We offer premium-quality consultancy services in various market sectors across the world. If you are an SME looking for assistance, our team’s expertise enables you to launch your products in global markets.

We also have a team of experts who can help you overcome cultural and language barriers and provide you various services and training in a variety of languages so all your business transactions go smoothly and seamlessly.

The PRX Advantage
When it comes to the trade and transfer of goods from one place to another, there’s a variety of moving parts that need to be considered and a lot of regulations and red tape that an exporter or importer needs to navigate. For SMEs, understanding the entire process can be inconvenient and intimidating.
This is where PRX International comes in!
Our trade consultants have experience in every aspect of the export and import industry and can help provide businesses with the necessary assistance, along with the right documentation and personalised brokerage services. This can help you optimise your business efficiently and effectively.

Some of the benefits of hiring our service include:

✓ Saving time and ensuring maximum efficiency
✓ Auditing services
✓ High quality customer support
✓ Compliance with custom clearance processes
✓ Potential for saving money


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