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Import/Export Consultancy
Representing your brand in the international arena has never been easier. Hire PRX International today for your foreign trade import and export consulting needs!

What Do We Do?
PRX International offers the ultimate network of foreign trade consultants you are looking for!

Cross Trade Consultancy
PRX International specializes in providing consultancy for global trade, fiscal regulations, and customs, ensuring successful and reliable operations!

Receive Assistance from Expert Consultants in International Trade
Our team of expert consultants ininternational trade has extensive experience in helping companies find ideal solutions for the management of their foreign trade operations and the maintenance of safety, quality, and operational costs.

Global Consultancy
PRX International assists importers and exporters every step of the way with all daunting requirements associated with customs clearance; be it in Russia, Turkey, Europe, Middle East countries, or CIS countries – we have got you covered!

PRX International – Your Customs Experts
With the ever-evolving nature of the import/export industry, it can become quite complex for businesses to navigate a wide range of rules, regulations, policies, and paperwork simply to transport their products across borders.

The PRX Group is a Foreign Trade Consultancy company that provides services to export-related NGOs and governmental organisations in many countries, as well as to contracted independent firms. This service, which first started in 2006, has grown over the years and has reached a network of over 12,500 companies in more than 120 countries.

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