Management Consultancy

  • To be successful, companies need to empower their qualifications together with the products and services they offer and they need to design a unique strategy to follow in the market. A sound growth can be achieved when the qualifications, products and services and the role in the market are all in harmony.
  • We help our clients to strengthen the resistance of their companies, to achieve transformation, to design new organization models, to gain value from their customer and channel strategies, to support the effectiveness of their supply chains and assets and to integrate security into their strategies.
  • We are well aware of the fact that the success of our clients depends on their ability to make their skills distinctive and we have the experience and knowledge to help the clients gain an advantage over their competitors.
  • Decreasing the costs overall is not the best decision for companies in challenging market conditions. Companies also need to increase their investments to achieve growth together with cost efficiency.
  • Thanks to our deep industry experience increasing with PRX International, we help our clients create end-to-end digital solutions starting from strategy and innovation and going up to application so that they can resolve even the most complicated problems.
  • We offer end-to-end services to our clients in their investment decisions, purchase and merger procedures and in pre-investment and post-investment stages to help them achieve their strategic objectives, reveal out their target investment value acquisitions and enable growth.
  • Pre-Investment
    o Investment Strategies
    o Purchase/Merger Strategies
    o Commercial State Assessment
    o Market Assessment
    o Operational State Assessment
    o Information Technologies State Assessment
  • Post-Investment
    o Post-Purchase/Merger Integration
    o Post-Purchase/Merger Performance Improvement
    o Company Demerger
  • We help companies to focus on the areas they are most powerful in, gain a competitive advantage by thinking big and giving hard decisions so that they can facilitate their corporate efficiency.
  • We offer an international commercial network to meet the needs of the investors, buyers, and sellers throughout the investment process.
  • We enable the companies to adopt a customer-oriented strategy and we help them create value offers, brand loyalty, and sustainable growth accordingly.
  • No organization can meet its objectives, needs or expectations by adopting a wrong strategy or vision. The right strategy is needed for the establishment of an organization that suits the expectations.
  • Innovation is a hard qualification to develop. The Strategy & Innovation team has shown every year in the annual International Innovation 1000 (“Global Innovation 1000”) Survey that, contrary to popular belief, there is no relationship between the financial success of a company and Re-Ge spending.
  • Development of products and processes, production, purchase, distribution, supply chain strategy and administrative operations are involved in our definition of the operation.