What do we offer?

  • Would you like your export department to have offices in six different countries and nineteen personnel from nine different countries?
  • Would you like this team to be consisting of professionals with a wide business network who are expert in import-export activities?
  • Would you like this team to visit all national and international exhibitions for you and to present regular reports about the competitors, the market etc.?
  • Would you like them to carry out a continuous and comprehensive sales activity in your target markets?
  • Would you like them to find and meet new customers for you?
  • Would you like them to carry out sales activities under the conditions you have specified?
  • Would you like these sales procedures to continue up to a customer satisfaction survey?
  • And how would it feel to pay no costs for these services?

That’s what PRX International offers… Based on the consultancy contract you have made, it carries out all these for you and you just pay for the consultancy service. That means you establish a large team at the expense of personnel… And what you need to is just to lean back and take a rest!



  • The invoices which are paid for our services can be recorded as expenses for your company, and they provide a tax advantage.
  • within the context of rules of government supports; you can take back your money up to % 70.
  • By concentrating your staff to the available jobs and the potential customers we will bring, you can increase customer satisfaction. You don’t need to employ any additional personnel.
  • You can see what will be the total cost for your market research constantly. You will not have any extra cost risk.


  • Our experienced personnel, who know the native language of the target market and who have been active in these markets for years now, offer you potential customer database in a short amount of time.
  • Not only do you get potential customers, but you also get current Market and pricing information, even official import information of that country for a specific good. Thanks to this wide range of information, you can define the correct strategy in no time and make a way in the market.


  • Compared to the total cost of travel your staff makes, forming any commercial relationships in the target market is a low possibility, especially if it is your first travel to that target market. However, you get exactly what you paid for our services.
  • Our expert personnel also gives you data about the commercial ethics and histories of the potential customers, and you can foresee all kinds of risks beforehand and take precautions.

For Whom?

Companies which want to get into foreign markets
Companies which want to get into new markets and increase their export turnover
Companies which want to decrease their export sales cost

What do we do?

  • For the Companies that we cooperate as being their Foreign Trade Consultants, we offer the fastest and most economical methods for selling their products at foreign markets.
  • While providing corporate development thanks to the operations in and outside the company, we also do the SWOT analysis for both the company and the product in the world markets with our scientifically conducted market research. In the framework of the strategic plan established in terms of these analyses, the products start to be marketed with the common network around the world and also we inform the company by regular reporting.
  • Also, we follow the sector exhibitions and publications and also we periodically report about the sector.
  • By training the personnel in the company within the bounds of possibility, we contribute to the Company’s continuous development.
  • We execute and monitor all the sales procedures, loading and customs transactions for the company. Herewith, we do not bring any additional burden for the company; and we make them earn time and money.

What is our difference?

We actualize the Companies’ importation from abroad without any extra cost. We find the suppliers for the necessary products from anywhere in the world and we report this to the company by checking the references. We make the agreements on behalf of the company; we help them to reach their requested products most quickly and economically by carrying out logistics and customs operations.